Business Loan

Business Loan

How MSME Loans Are Helping Indian Businesses Transform

Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) have long been recognized as the backbone of the Indian economy as they contribute…Read More

Karan Shrivastava | June 8, 2023
Business Loan

5 Reasons Why Small Business Loans Are Slowly Becoming the Lifeline for Small Businesses in India

Earlier, it was not that easy for small and medium-size businesses to avail unsecured business loans in India and expand…Read More

Harshit Agrawal | May 2, 2023
Business Loan

6 Tips to Improve Your Odds of Getting a Business Loan

You might be running a successful business with a healthy profit. However, when you want to take the next step…Read More

Ritesh Sharma | April 19, 2023
Business Loan

Medical Equipment Finance & India’s Healthy Future

Better healthcare infrastructure in a country is crucial for the overall well-being of its people. India as a country, even…Read More

Pankaj Bansal | April 17, 2023
Business Loan

What is SME Loan and How a Small Business can Benefit from it?

Small businesses are an integral part of the Indian economy. However, despite making a major part of the business segment,…Read More

Karan Shrivastava | April 14, 2023
Business Loan

How to Manage Your Daily Expenditures with a Small Business Loan?

For any business owner, managing finances becomes difficult whenever there are numerous financial inflows and outflows. In any case, your…Read More

Aparna Bihany | April 11, 2023
Business Loan

Healthcare Equipment Loan from Clix to Expand Your Medical Practice

A self-sufficient medical practice is a challenging yet admirable endeavour that most medical professionals embark on at some point in…Read More

Ritesh Sharma | April 5, 2023
Business Loan

Loan for Warehouse: Interest Rates, Eligibility Criteria, and Benefits

India is a vast country with diverse forms of agriculture in different terrains and climatic conditions. That is why it…Read More

Harshit Agrawal | March 29, 2023
Business Loan

Reasons Why Collateral-Free Business Loan Demand Is Increasing In India

Collateral free business loan is a type of loan where borrowers do not have to pledge any assets as security.…Read More

Karan Shrivastava | March 20, 2023
Business Loan

Business Loan Interest Rates In 2023: What You Need To Know

Business loans have become an essential option to raise finance for entrepreneurs to start, grow, and expand their companies. However,…Read More

Karan Shrivastava | March 20, 2023
Business Loan

Women in Business: How a Small Business Loan Can Help Women Entrepreneurs Succeed?

In India, more and more women are embracing entrepreneurship. Over the years, there has been a significant increase in the…Read More

Ritesh Sharma | March 7, 2023
Business Loan

Looking for the Top Business Loan Company? Check This First.

Many small business owners require financing at some point in their business’s lifetime. Sometimes, small business owners might want to…Read More

Harshit Agrawal | March 3, 2023
Business Loan

A Beginner’s Guide to Apply for a Quick Business Loan with Clix Capital

Looking for funds to expand businesses or to meet some unprecedented business expenses but don’t have the requisite funds at…Read More

Harshit Agrawal | February 28, 2023
Business Loan

Require Less Than Rs. 50 Lakhs To Expand Your Business? NBFCs Are Ready To Support You

If you are a business owner, you know that running a business and operating its functions smoothly is easier said…Read More

Harshit Agrawal | February 26, 2023
Business Loan

What Would Happen If You Default On Your Unsecured Business Loan?

Unsecured business loans can come to your financial help whenever you need money to fund your business growth and development.…Read More

Karan Shrivastava | February 19, 2023
Business Loan

How Is Getting A Business Loan Approval Based On Your Personal Credit?

A business enterprise and the individual representing it are two different bodies. Your personal actions should not affect your business's…Read More

Aparna Bihany | February 13, 2023
Business Loan

How Can A Small Business Loan Help Your Business Growth?

Unsecured business loans are a boon for small business owners, as they help them pursue their dreams and fund their…Read More

Karan Shrivastava | February 8, 2023
Business Loan

Adopt These 5 Effective Ways To Repay Your Small Business Loan

Availing of a small business loan in India can stabilise your business and take you out of a financial crunch.…Read More

Aparna Bihany | February 5, 2023
Business Loan

7 Factors Based On Which Your Business Loan Interest Rate Is Determined

Unsecured business loans are the best sources of finance that SMEs can use to fund their business growth and expansion.…Read More

Harshit Agrawal | February 1, 2023
Business Loan

Gain Freedom to Scale Up Using Unsecured Business Loans

If anything, our Republic day stands for empowerment and taking ownership of our destiny. All those decades ago on the…Read More

Harshit Agrawal | January 25, 2023
Business Loan

How Unsecured Business Loans Are Changing the Ground for Small Businesses?

The lending system in India is going through a phase of evolution at present. Today, you can apply for a…Read More

Aparna Bihany | January 17, 2023
Business Loan

The Impact of COVID-19 on Business Growth- How a Small Business Loan Can Help

The Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns have put our busy lives to a halt. The strange virus posed unique…Read More

Ritesh Sharma | January 11, 2023
Business Loan

Importance Of Managing Working Capital And How You Can Fund It With A Small Business Loan

Any business owner knows how crucial working capital is for their company’s success. It is an accounting term that refers…Read More

Karan Shrivastava | January 10, 2023
Business Loan

6 Possible Ways to Use a Small Business Loan to Support Your Business Growth

If you have been running your business successfully for the last few years, your ultimate goal would be to let…Read More

Karan Shrivastava | January 9, 2023
Business Loan

What Are The Factors Affecting Your Business Loan Eligibility?

If you are a business owner, you will need money at a certain point to increase operational capacity or to…Read More

Harshit Agrawal | January 6, 2023
Business Loan

Business Loans in India – Know Its Benefits, Deciding Factors & Application Procedure

Did you know that over 20% of new businesses fail during the initial two years of commencement? What’s even more…Read More

Ritesh Sharma | January 4, 2023
Business Loan

Important Documents Required Before Applying for Your Business Loan in 2023

Applying for a business loan is an excellent way to invest in your business and let it grow. You can…Read More

Ritesh Sharma | December 30, 2022
Business Loan

Endless Opportunities To Scale Up Businesses in the Year 2023

Business owners and entrepreneurs will most probably need extra capital at some point for scaling operations and increasing the size…Read More

Harshit Agrawal | December 28, 2022
Business Loan

9 Important Factors That Play A Role In Deciding Business Loan Interest Rates

Business loans are excellent sources of finance when an SME or MSME requires funds to grow or expand its horizons.…Read More

Ritesh Sharma | December 28, 2022
Business Loan

Tips to Manage Your Regular Business Operations Using A Small Business Loan

Proper organisation is the key to ensure that your business remains financially healthy. Robust financial management brings stabilisation to your…Read More

Aparna Bihany | December 28, 2022
Business Loan

What are the Requirements You Need to Qualify for a Small Business Loan?

As an entrepreneur, you may sometimes find yourself in a position when you need a loan to maintain your cash…Read More

Aparna Bihany | December 27, 2022
Business Loan

Taking Your First Business Loan? Find Out Top 4 Strategies to Use it Effectively

You may apply for unsecured business loans to fulfil your business’s growth and expansion needs. These days, many lenders offer…Read More

Karan Shrivastava | December 19, 2022
Business Loan

Guide to Availing Business Loans and How to Use Them for Your Business Growth

There are three pillars to a successful business - a dedicated owner, strong strategies, and financial stability for the business…Read More

Ritesh Sharma | December 19, 2022
Business Loan

Business Loan Repayment Guide: 7 Ways to Manage Your Loan EMIs Responsibly

When you start a business, your ultimate vision is to rule the industry and gain worldwide reach. If you have…Read More

Karan Shrivastava | December 19, 2022
Business Loan

7 Most Popular Ways Businesses Use Business Loans For

Regardless of its size, any business needs regular funds to manage its operations and support growth and expansion. While businesses…Read More

Harshit Agrawal | December 19, 2022
Business Loan

Top 10 Most Important Questions to Ask Your Lender Before Applying for a Business Loan

Many SME owners leverage unsecured business loans to fuel the growth and expansion of their business and fund other initiatives.…Read More

Aparna Bihany | December 16, 2022
Business Loan

How Does Your Debt-To-Income Ratio Impact Your Business Loan Interest Rate?

Unsecured business loans can be excellent sources of raising finance if you have been contemplating growth and expansion for your…Read More

Ritesh Sharma | December 7, 2022
Business Loan

Do You Own a Small Business & Struggling to Increase Working Capital?

From the outside, the business sector can appear profitable and lavishing. However, much hard work goes behind making a business…Read More

Aparna Bihany | December 7, 2022
Business Loan

Give Your Business a Solid Financial Boost with Business Loan

If you are thinking of funding your business by taking a loan, it can be an intimidating process before the…Read More

Ritesh Sharma | November 3, 2022
Business Loan

A – Z of Business Loans for First-Time Loan Applicants

The topography of business in India has taken a different turn and has become acutely competitive after things have started…Read More

Ritesh Sharma | November 3, 2022
Business Loan

5 Reasons Why Indian Businesses May Face Rejection for Their Business Loan and How to Improve Your Chances

Running a business smoothly requires additional funds from time to time, which you have to invest diligently to support your…Read More

Ritesh Sharma | October 31, 2022
Business Loan

Avail a Business Loan to Expand Your Operations!

The global COVID-19 pandemic forced nations into lockdowns and businesses had to shut their operations. This also led to operational…Read More

Ritesh Sharma | October 28, 2022
Business Loan

How Enterprises are Flourishing In this Dhanteras with Unsecured Business Loans

What Does Dhanteras 2022 Mean for Businesses? India's festive season begins in October and continues through December, with consumer demand…Read More

Harshit Agrawal | October 21, 2022
Business Loan

How Indian MSMEs have Transformed this Diwali Using Business Loans

The Diwali season is the perfect time for entrepreneurs looking to grow their businesses in the market. The period attracts…Read More

Harshit Agrawal | October 13, 2022
Business Loan

Six Ways of Raising Working Capital for Businesses

Working capital is what fuels every business. And the mantra behind having sufficient funds is to strike the right balance…Read More

Ritesh Sharma | October 11, 2022