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Change is the only constant in life – a statement that holds true for numerous facets of life, including your home. Of course, such a task is easier said than done, since arranging funds to convert your house into a dream home can prove to be quite imposing. This is where Clix Capital comes into the picture with their home renovation loans.

With our instant home repair loans, your renovation worries are nothing more than a thing of the past. So, if you’re thinking about refurbishing your guest room or adding a spacious new balcony, our super-simple home renovation or expansion loans will take care of everything for you!


Take a home renovation loan of up to ₹ 10 lakhs, depending on your home repair needs, and pay it back in 12-48 months. It is a collateral-free loan that works the same way like a personal loan. With an easy application process with fast disbursal, you can get ready to renew your house within a matter of minutes. So, what are you waiting for? Apply Now and get started!

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Am I Eligible for A Home Renovation Loan from Clix Capital?

Home renovation loan

What Documents Do I Need To Provide?

Completed Application Form

  • We will provide you with a run-of-the-mill application form to detail out all the information we need before processing your home renovation loan request.

Passport-Size Photograph

  • This photograph should be fairly recent and indicative of your current physical appearance.

Identity (ID) Proof

  • This can be either your Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, or Government ID (if you happen to be a government employee).

Address Proof

  • Your Aadhaar Card is the go-to document here. In case your current address is not updated in Aadhaar card, one certified copy of any Official Valid Document (OVD) is required. These OVDs are either your Passport, Voter ID, or Driving License.

Income Proof

  •  This comes in the form of your latest one-month pay slip or Form 16 for the current year.

*Please note that while only scans or photocopies of your documents are required while applying for a loan, you might want to carry original documents in case of verification. Approving the loan application is at the sole discretion of Clix; we might ask for further documents for a more thorough assessment of your loan.

How Do I Apply For Home renovation loan online from Clix Capital?

Fill the form
1. Fill out the application form. It only takes 3 minutes to do so!
Answer your phone
2. Check out & approve applicable interest rate, tenure and EMIs
Get a Loan From Clix
3. Congratulations! The personal loan for home renovation is disbursed to your bank account.

FAQs-Home Renovation and Expansion Loan

How do I avail a Personal loan for home renovation from Clix?

Availing a Personal Loan for Home Renovation from Clix Capital is easier than ever. We offer Personal Loans with flexible repayment tenure of 12 to 48 months and APR ranging from 18.50% to 29.99%. Just apply online and get instant approvals. Do check your eligibility before applying.

What will be the tenure, down payment, EMI, and Interest rate from home renovation/expansion loan?

At Clix Capital, you can choose from customised repayment (EMI) and down payment options. However, the interest rate of your home renovation loan depends on various factors, such as the specifics of your application (including metrics like date and income). We’ll tell you the final applicable interest rate once we go through your application form and all supporting documents.

Do I need any collateral to avail a home expansion loan?

Not at all! There is no additional collateral or guarantors required to have your home renovation loan application approved.

How do I reach Clix for any other information on my home renovation loan?

Just call us on 0124-4545965 or 0124-3817400 between 9:30am-6:30pm from Monday to Saturday (barring public holidays). Alternatively, you can also write to us at hello@clix.capital to resolve your queries around a personal loan to revamp your house.

What is the end use of a personal loan for home renovation?

You can use a personal loan for home renovation to cover any costs related to your house repairs or maintenance, including paintwork, reflooring, remodeling, external or internal repairs, kitchen or bathroom renovation, tilework, etc.

Do I have the option to choose a loan plan?

Yes, you can repay the loan in 12 to 48 months. When you enter your loan amount in the personal loan EMI calculator, you get the option to choose a loan plan as per your preferred loan term and interest rate.

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