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The culturally rich and scenic city of Vijayawada is an important economic centre supporting many businesses like construction, entertainment, education and many others. Due to its flourishing businesses, and highly promising future growth forecasts,  it really is a ‘Global City of the Future’.


As fulfilling and exciting as it may be, running a successful business comes with hurdles and responsibilities. As a business owner, you must look after your employees, your growth, your prospects, equipment, and most importantly, money. No business can sustain losing funds over a prolonged period of time, and time is always relatively short in business. Whether it is the working capital or the machinery capital, all monetary facets are just as important for a business to run well.


It’s also very normal for businesses to find themselves in need of additional funds from time to time, no matter how big or small they are. A lot of times, sourcing funds that are accessible, secure and free of collateral, can be a challenge. To make things easier for business owners, Clix Capital offers collateral-free Business Loans in Vijaya

wada with easy eligibility criteria and minimal documentation at competitive interest rates over flexible tenures. Finance is always people-centric at Clix Capital, and we do our best to make our offerings work best for you and your business.

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Is my Business eligible for a Loan?

Interest Rates on Business Loan in Vijayawada

At Clix Capital, finance is focused first on YOU, and because we don’t want to put too much strain on your finances, we’ve kept our interest rates moderate and reasonable. Nonetheless, some factors will affect the interest rates on Business Loans in Vijayawada.


  • Creditworthiness of the Business
    Your business needs to generate a minimum revenue for being eligible for a loan. If you have a business with an annual turnover of Rs.1 crore, you can apply for a Business Loan easily.
  • Time in Business
    Your business needs to be at least 3 years old to get a Business Loan.
  • Type of Business
    We offer Business Loans to a proprietorship/private limited company/closely held non-listed company/partnership firm involved in manufacturing, trading or services.
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What documents do I need to apply for a Business Loan in Vijayawada?

Bank statement

Bank statement

  • A bank statement covering the last 6 months will do the job!

Business registration proof

  • This will tell us about your business’s requirements for you to avail the Loan.

Proprietor(s) PAN Card Copy

  • A copy of the proprietor or owner’s PAN Card is needed for verification purposes.

Proprietor(s) Aadhar Card Copy

  • A copy of an Aadhar Card will do.

Partnership Deed Copy

  • If applicable, the partnership deed copy should be attached for verification as well.

Company PAN Card Copy

  • A copy of your Company’s PAN Card will also be required.

How Do I Apply For A Business Loan in Vijayawada

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum amount of business loan that I can take?

You can avail a Business Loan of up to Rs. 50 lakhs with Clix Capital.

What is the maximum tenure of a small business loan?

Our tenure is of 48 months. You can choose any tenure in between.

When should I take a business loan?

You should turn to business loans when you feel your business is falling short of working capital or need more funds to expand and grow.

How to take a loan for business in Vijayawada?

With Clix Capital, you can apply online, check your eligibility, upload necessary documents, and our representatives will take it from there.

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