Restructuring - Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the restructuring scheme approved by RBI?

A. RBI has provided a framework to banks & lending institutions for restructuring for customers undergoing financial stress due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Basis the framework and regulatory guidelines, Clix Capital has framed its policy for the restructuring of the loan/s of individuals and entities that have been impacted due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Q2. Who is eligible for restructuring?

A. (i) Restructure facility is extended only to borrowers having stress because of COVID-19.
(ii) Eligibility will be depend on the basis of borrower category classification suggested by RBI which will be assessed by Clix Capital on case to case basis subject to requisite documents received from requestor.
(iii) Customer under Job Loss/Salary cut/ Job loss and re-employment with Salary reduction / Job Loss or Salary reduction within family due to which overall family income has got impacted.
(iv) Closure during lockdown/reduced activity of units/shops/business establishments in case of self-employed/professionals/businessmen.
(v) Clix will assess the viability of the customer to pay the restructured EMIs basis the customer track records and documents provided.


Q3. Can I apply for restructuring even if I have not taken moratorium before?

A. The scheme for restructuring is open to all customers of the Clix irrespective of the moratorium-applied status subject to the borrower meeting the regulatory guidelines of restructuring.


Q4. Can I apply for restructuring of multiple loans that I have with Clix?

A. Yes, you can apply for restructuring of multiple credit facilities with us. Please note that a borrower can apply for restructuring only once per facility under this resolution program.


Q5. If I avail restructuring facility, will it reported to credit bureau?

A. Yes, it will be reported to credit bureau as per the CIC guidelines.


Q6. If I request my loan account to restructured, will it be certainly be approve?

A. Restructuring of loan account will be approved as per the eligibility criteria and necessary due diligence.


Q7. How do I make my new reduced EMI payment?

A. You will be able to make your EMI payments as you always have. If you have a NACH/e-NACH/SI (standing instructions) set up with Clix Capital, your EMI payment will get auto-debited directly from existing bank account.


Q8.  Will there be any additional charges if I restructure my loan?

A. Additional interest/charges (if any) as applicable, will be communicated at the time of availing of restructuring facility.


Q9. What is the minimum amount criteria for availing the restructuring facility?

A. Minimum Principal Outstanding required for restructuring varies from product to product
1. PL, Used Car: 50,000/-
2. TW, CD: 25,000/-



Q10. What are the restructuring options that are available for me?

A. Restructuring option will vary from case to case depending upon the customer profile and Clix’s internal due diligence norms.


Q11. Do I need to submit any documents to avail the restructuring benefit?

A. Yes, you need to submit documents giving details about the status of your employment or business.


(i) For salaried borrowers – Request letter from borrower for restructuring, revised application form, salary slips and bank statement etc. may be required.
(ii) For self-employed borrowers/Loans to entities: – Request letter from borrower for restructuring, Revised application form, Audited Financials of FY 19 , Provisional/CA Certified Financials of FY20, Projected Financials Numbers for subsequent 5 years, Udyam certificate , OCT-19 onwards GST returns if applicable, Bank Statement of all account from OCT-19 till date of application of restructuring, etc. may be required.


Borrowers who are covered under other exposure category should be in compliance with the financial ratios as recommended by the RBI appointed expert committee for the specific sectors and shall be subject to Clix internal policy.


Q12. What Should I do if I have a complaint/query regarding my restructured loan?

A. Please reach out to us at or call us @ +91-120-6465400


Q13. What is the last date to apply for loan account restructuring?

A. For Personal Loan & Other Exposures last date for the restructuring request should come by 15th December 2020. For MSME refer to Q20.


Q14. How many days it will take to restructure my loan account?

A. We will endeavor to process your request within 15- 20 working days of submitting the application along with complete set of documents prescribed for restructuring.


Q15. Will my existing loan account get closed & new loan account get created?

A. This will be as per Clix’s internal policy and can vary by product.


Q16. What will be the process for foreclosure of a restructured loan account?

A. This will be as per the standard foreclosure process.


Q17. Can a borrower apply for restructuring of part of his/her outstanding towards a credit facility?

A. No, restructuring of partial outstanding is not allow.


Q18. What will be the changes on ROI/Tenure/EMI Amount if eligible for Restructuring?

A. Revised EMI amount & tenure will be informed post restructuring via E-mail/SMS.


Q19. Will borrowers against whom Clix has initiated legal recourse for recovery of dues (including under the SARFAESI Act) be eligible for restructuring?

A. No, these borrowers are not eligible for restructuring of their credit facilities.


Q20. Whether MSME borrowers having aggregate exposure of Rs. 25 crore or less are eligible for restructuring under the Resolution Framework?

A. No, MSME borrowers with total exposure of Rs. 25 crore or less across lending institutions cannot apply under this resolution program.
They can apply for relief under the RBI’s MSME restructuring scheme as per notification dated January 01, 2019 & Aug 06, 2020 (as may be updated, modified and extended from time to time).


The borrowers can contact their Relationship Manager for more details or visit Clix website.

Clix would request its self-employed customers to register themselves as MSME through the Udyam portal of the Government wherever applicable.

Udyam portal link:


Q21. What are the charges applicable on loan restructuring?

A. A onetime Restructure Fee/charge may be charged. Amount (if any) will be informed post approval during the offer acceptance stage and need to be paid once case is approved for restructuring


Q22. How can I place a request for restructuring of my Loan account?

A. To place a request for restructuring of your loan, please click on


# For further details on the FAQs released by RBI on Resolution Framework for Covid-19 related stress, please click here