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Running an MSME or an SME for that matter, can be a rollercoaster, with pitfalls and opportunities galore. These enterprises are integral to the economy, employing millions and contributing significantly to the GDP. The journey of small businesses is fraught with hurdles, and the lack of capital is surely one of them. Owners always fret over ensuring a good flow of funds to keep the business going and growing. However, a lot of them find themselves facing fund crunches during the span of their business, especially during their nascency.


Arranging and managing funds is the last thing a business wants to go through, and availing credit that proves difficult to pay off is the last thing they should do. If you’re rolling in the good times: great going! But if you find your business’s financials are being rolled about, you can always consider getting tailored Business Loans for MSMEs. They are most significantly: collateral free, so you don’t have to wager your future on forecasts and uncertainties. Also, they are easily accessible and available, and if your small business’s financial needs click with Clix, you can get a Business Loan quicker than finding Timbuktu on a map.


We understand the urgency with which financial shortcomings need to be met, and to help your business out of a spot when you actually need it most: Clix Capital provides transparent, unsecured Business Loans to MSMEs and SMEs without any hidden caveats or costs. With easy, online, minimal documentation, you can get a loan up to Rs. 50 Lakhs, to cover all your business expenses and help you let go of the stress of finances.

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Perks of an MSME/SME Loan with Clix

  • Easy Processing
    Business cannot wait and neither do we. If your application is kosher, you’ll get your loans real quick from us.
  • Get Loans up to 50 Lakhs
    There are no hacks, just size up your business requirements, and get anywhere between Rs. 5 to 50 Lakh.
  • Flexible Repayment
    At Clix, we see what clicks with your comfort, including the time frame you’ll need to repay. YOU DECIDE what sits well with your financial plans.
  • Minimal Documentation
    We only ask for the most basic documents any responsible peep would have. We ask for only the necessary!
  • Complete Online Process
    No need to pay us a visit! Works for us as well, just kidding! We’d love to meet you if it sits well with your schedule. You can also sit and apply for the loan online. Our processes are delightfully digital!
  • Collateral-Free Loan
    No collateral, no problem. Your business will always get support from us!
  • No Hidden Costs
    We have nothing to hide! Not even costs!
  • Extended Loan Tenure
    Having trouble paying the loan in the decided time frame? Tweak that tenure with Clix!

MSME Loan/SME Loan Eligibility Criteria

MSME Loan / SME Loan Fees & Interest Rates:

Business Expansion Loan

Documents Required to Get an MSME/SME Loan

Bank statement

  • A bank statement covering the last 6 months will do the job!

Business registration proof

  • This will tell us about your business’s requirements for you to avail the Loan.

Proprietor(s) PAN Card Copy

  • A copy of the proprietor or owner’s PAN Card is needed for verification purposes.

Proprietor(s) Aadhar Card Copy

  • A copy of an Aadhar Card will do.

Partnership Deed Copy

  • A Partnership Deed Copy, if applicable, should be attached for verification as well.

Company PAN Card Copy

  • A copy of your Company’s PAN Card will also be required.
Proprietorship Partnership Person Company
Bank Statement (12 months)
Business Registration Proof
Proprietor(s) PAN Card Copy
Proprietor(s) Aadhar Card Copy
Partnership Deed Copy
Company PAN Card Copy

How Do I Apply For an MSME Loan / SME Loan

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How can I Apply for an MSME/SME Loan from Clix Capital?

  • Select ‘Business Loan’ on our home page
  • Click on ‘Apply Now’.
  • Enter your phone number
  • Submit the details along with the OTP you’ll receive
  • You’ll get a call from the Clix representative for proceedings


Who is eligible for an SME/MSME loan?

Any business operating for the past 3 years with a turnover of at least Rs. 1 Crore, a CMR Score of 6 and a CIBIL Score of 700 is eligible for a Loan.

How can I get an SME/MSME loan?

It’s simple to get a loan with Clix. Fill out our application form, check your eligibility, upload a few documents, and voila! Your loan will be granted!

What is the difference between an MSME loan and an SME loan?

There is no difference between an MSME and an SME Loan.

What is the maximum term limit for an MSME loan by Clix Capital?

The term limit is between 12-48 months which can be extended if you feel the need to do so.

What is the interest rate for MSME/SME loans?

The Interest rates will differ from loan to loan. However, they are all competitive and budget friendly.

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