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Surat is referred to as the Silk City of India and is also a major manufacturer of diamonds. The city may have a confined infrastructure but is very much open to investment opportunities that are ideal for business.


Surat has seen a huge increase in the number of startups and small enterprises in recent years, and the demand for business loans in the city has gone up significantly. However, growing a business is quite a task and one that requires careful planning. Despite many options for availing a Business Loan , it still needs to be done with utmost care and awareness.


Clix Capital provides Business Loans in Surat that do not require collateral for approval, come with flexible repayment options, and at attractive interest rates. In just a few simple steps, you’ll have the loan to use however you see fit for your business.

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Is My Business Eligible for a Loan?

What will the Interest Rates look like for a Business Loan from Clix Capital in Surat?

The interest rates depend on many factors. One of them is your previous loan repayment history, the age of your business, your turnover and much more. At Clix Capital, we offer you competitive interest rates on Business Loans , which will never burden your pocket. If your company is 3 years old with an annual turnover of Rs. 1 crore, then your chances are higher to avail a Business Loan at the desirable interest rate you want.

What documents do I need to apply for a Business Loan in Surat?

Bank statement

Bank statement

  • A bank statement covering the last 6 months will do the job!

Business registration proof

  • This will tell us about your business’s requirements for you to avail the Loan.

Proprietor(s) PAN Card Copy

  • A copy of the proprietor or owner’s PAN Card is needed for verification purposes.

Proprietor(s) Aadhaar Card Copy

  • A copy of an Aadhar Card will do.

Partnership Deed Copy

  • If applicable, the partnership deed copy should be attached for verification as well.

Company PAN Card Copy

  • A copy of your Company’s PAN Card will also be required.

How Do I Apply For A Business Loan in Surat

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does it take to get credit evaluation done?

We work quickly. As soon as you complete the online application form, we will tell you about your eligibility for availing the Business Loan with us.

What are the repayment options available to me on a Business Loan in Surat from Clix Capital?

A loan tenure generally is 48 months for self employed individuals with us. However, you have the option to set your repayment tenure between 12-16 months as well.

On what basis will the sanctioned limit be determined?

Sanctioned limit is determined by your document verification, the age of your company, your annual turnover and your CIBIL and CMR score. All of this is mentioned here.

Are there any charges for the renewal of the cycle?

No. however, your interest rate is revised as per the revised cycle.

Are there any pre-closure charges for Business Loans in Surat from Clix Capital?

Yes, there are. But they are nominal and not very heavy on your pocket.

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