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Fund your dream international trip with specialized travel loans

Clix December 9, 2019

It certainly wouldn’t be a farfetched statement to say that every person aspires to travel to an exotic foreign location at some point in their lives. The bustling streets of New York, the cultural serenity of Japan, the vast expanses of Europe, and the eventful safaris in Africa – these locations are just a few of the many exotic places present all across the world that can provide you with a memorable one-of-a-kind experience.

Unfortunately, while these dreams might serve as great aspirational and motivational tools, the ground reality is that the funds that one needs to arrange for these excursions are substantial… and that’s putting it mildly. Simply put, a lot of people with these goals don’t have the finances required to make these dreams a reality. While using your hard-earned savings is certainly an option, there’s no logical reason as to why a person would want to ruin their long-term financial stability for short-term satisfaction.

Thankfully, there’s a feasible solution present for people who wish to enjoy their dream vacation without compromising your long-term finances. This comes in the form of personal travel loans that are specifically tailored for one’s travel funding. Clix Capital provides this solution that enables a level of financial security and personal convenience. It’s a monetary instrument with an overarching goal of helping individuals accomplish their travel goals.

Clix Capital’s travel loans have numerous features that place it a cut above the rest. To put this statement into context, here are a few of the many ways in which Clix aids aspiring vacationers fulfil their wanderlust!

  • For starters, Clix Capital provides travel loan amount that ranges from Rs. 1 to 25 lakhs, allowing people to fund their travels regardless of its scale. Whether you wish to explore one country or several, rest assured that Clix has you covered!
  • Clix Capital allows for a repayment period that can range anywhere from 12 to 48 months. So, you have ample flexibility to choose between paying your travel loan as soon as possible or spacing out your EMI payments so that they are manageable.
  • Clix Capital prides itself on facilitating smooth and quick approvals when it comes to availing loans. This means that you never have to think twice about the timing while applying for travel loan since you can pretty much avail it in a flash!

An international trip is one of the best ways to enjoy exotic locales, experience unique cultures, and broaden your perception. A lack of funds should never throw a wrench in your plans, which is why Clix Capital provides you with the means to enjoy a stellar vacation.

 If you’re interested, contact us at 1800-200-9898 or reach out at!


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