Pre-Approved Offers Terms & Condition

1. The request for the Facility by the Applicant(s) and disbursement of the same by Clix shall be subject to and governed by the terms and conditions herein and Facility Documents to be executed by the Applicant(s). The Applicant(s) hereby affirm that all the information and details given / filled in this Application Form are true, correct, valid and up-to-date.

2. Clix shall have the absolute discretion to reject this Application. In such an event, Clix shall not be responsible / liable in any manner whatsoever to the Applicant(s) for any costs, losses, damages or expenses, or other consequences, caused by reason of such rejection, or any delay in notifying the Applicant(s) of such rejection of this application.

3. The rate of interest and duration need not be standardized. It could vary for different customers depending any one or a combination of the above factors. The rate of interest also varies depending upon relative credit strengths of borrowers. Final applicable interest rate is based on various other parameters and communicated in the sanction letter / loan agreement. The Applicant(s) have perused, understood and agreed to Clix’s Approach of determining rates, processing and other charges for the Facility which is also available at the website of the company

4. This Application Form has been duly and validly executed by the Applicant(s).

5. Clix, its group companies, agents / representatives may provide may interact with me/us for providing information on various products, offers and services provided by Clix / its group companies through any mode of the following modes.

6. Clix, its agents / representatives may provide information on various products, offers and services provided by Clix / its group companies for purpose of cross-sell through any mode (including without limitation through telephone calls / SMSs / emails).

7. The Applicant hereby grants Clix the right to disclose and share any information pertaining to the Applicant including, but not limited to, credit facility/ies, constitution of the Applicant, KYC etc with:

I. Any other bank(s)/ financial institution(s) in the form and manner prescribed by RBI;

II. Any agent, contractor, third party service provider of Clix;

III. Any person to (or through) whom the Lenders assigns or transfers or novates (or may potentially assign or transfer or novate) all or any of its rights or obligations under the Facility Documents. Clix shall use, process, store the information and data disclosed for granting the current loan or any other loan in the future and/ or such other manner as maybe permissible.

8. For Aadhaar authentication through OTP, I hereby declare that no other account has been opened nor will be opened using Aadhaar OTP based KYC either with Clix or with any other entity regulated by RBI. Further, I hereby agree to complete my full KYC by visiting the nearest Clix branch/ by requesting a visit from the Clix representative and providing my biometric details within 12 months of opening such account.

9. I/we would like to avail Insurance from the various policies arranged by Insurance Companies; # Insurance is a subject matter of solicitation. The Customer agrees that he has/has not opted for insurance after perusing the policies of various Insurance companies. The Customer agrees that insurance is a third party product and the Customer shall be subject to insurance terms of the Insurance Company. In the event the Customer does not wish to avail insurance he/she shall still be eligible for the loan subject to Clix terms.

10. I hereby state & undertake that I have no objection in authenticating myself with Aadhaar based authentication system and hereby give my consent to provide my Aadhaar number, Biometric and/or One Time Pin (OTP) data for Aadhaar based authentication for the purposes of availing of Loan from Clix Capital Services Private Limited and/or its affiliates and/or any person acting on its behalf. I understand that the Demographic details (name, DOB, gender, address and photograph) and/or Biometrics and/or OTP I provide for authentication shall be used only for authenticating my identity through the Aadhaar Authentication system and for obtaining my E- along with my email ID/mobile number (if provided) from UIDAI for completing this specific transaction and for no other purposes. I understand that Clix Capital Services Private Limited shall ensure security and confidentiality of my personal identity data provided for the purpose of Aadhaar based authentication.

Schedule of Charges

> Bounce Charges: Rs.300+ GST per presentation of cheque/ NACH

> Penal Interest:2% pm on outstanding due

> Foreclosure Charges: 6 months lock in, 5% of principal outstanding post lock in (Govt. Taxes as Applicable)

> Final charges applicable would be on Sanction letter

Please have the following self attested documents ready for the agents to collect:

1. Pan Card 2. Current address Proof 3. Post Dated Cheques(3 Copies) 4. Colored photo