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With Clix Capital medical emergency loans, we ensure that you never have to compromise with the health of your loved ones Medical emergencies come without a warning and at times, health insurance and savings are not enough to cover the expensive bill. Avail instant loans up to Rs.10 Lacs*. The Clix Capital online loan application is a super fast & easy process.

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When your loved ones are diagnosed with life threatening diseases, it’s overwhelming emotionally as well as financially. Most medical emergencies require the treatment to start at the earliest.

In such a case, nothing’s more fitting than Clix Capital’s personal loans for medical emergency. You are just few steps away from the quality healthcare your loved ones require.

For example, for a personal loan of Rs. 5 lacs @ 15% interest rate, for a tenure of 3 years, your EMI will be Rs. 17,333. The interest amount here would be Rs. 123,988. However, this is just the interest rate, there are other applicable fees / charges* you may like to consider as well: Loan processing charge @ 2-3% of your principal loan amount *Indicative figures only

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