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Why you should invest in a two-wheeler over a four-wheeler

Clix June 25, 2018

Are you living life in the fast lane? If yes, you’d have already experienced the pressure of wanting to stay ahead at all times. Today, when speed and mobility are everything, a convenient commute is no longer a luxury. Whether it’s a quick ride to work, a late-night movie to get to, or a last-minute flight to catch — get where you want, when you want to!

Wondering what you can do to end your commute woes? Ask yourself what suits your budget — a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler. Interestingly, recent statistics show that two-wheelers are the most preferred vehicles in India, with a staggering 20 million sales recorded between 2017 – 2018. Here’s why:

Affordable and easy financing

A four-wheeler is likely to burn a hole in most of our pockets. On the other hand, two-wheelers make for a more pocket-friendly option, thanks to their lower upfront and upkeep costs. If a two-wheeler too happens to be over your budget, don’t worry — just apply for a quick and easy two-wheeler loan.

Economical solution

The perks of owning a two-wheeler don’t just stop at easy affordability but extend to economical insurance solutions and toll tax exemptions. In fact, even surging fuel prices and mileage problems won’t dampen your rides. In comparison, four-wheelers require more fuel with lower mileage, making them a lot more expensive.

Easy navigation

What’s every urban Indian’s nightmare? Peak hour traffic! However, those who own two-wheelers find it easier to make their way through a maze of vehicles, as opposed to four-wheeler owners. It only gets better for the two-wheeler folks — they always have a parking spot waiting for them even in crowded cities!

City life comes with several challenges such as crowded streets, increased pollution and traffic woes making it hard for you to get around. So, switch to a two-wheeler and you’ll be zipping around the city in no time! And thankfully, Clix has low interest rates, quick processing, and minimal down payments to make every ride a joy ride!


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