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Top reasons for owning a two-wheeler way better than the four-wheeler

Clix August 27, 2019

Density is a pressing concern in today’s age, where a sense of speed and urgency is ever-present. The vast majority of the population requires a convenient and ever-present mode of commute. This is where the concept of two-wheelers come into play – they serve as a gateway of sorts for the majority of Indian families that want to own a vehicle, and rightfully so. To put it into context, two-wheelers are the most popular category of vehicles sold in India, with a whopping 20 million sales* in 2017-18. After all, there are multiple reasons that make owning a two-wheeler vehicle way better than owning its four-wheeled counterpart.

It’s a massive convenience

A major reason why two-wheelers are so prominent in India is due to the sheer ease of usage. The fact that these kinds of vehicles take up substantially less space than four-wheelers is a great convenience as is, and that’s not even counting the various other benefits that accumulate to provide a great experience. From small things like an exemption from toll tax to the easier and more economical way in which one can insure a two-wheeler – there’s no end to the convenience provided by this vehicle.

Improved traffic manoeuvrability

The traffic in India can range from being a minor convenience to turning into a complete nightmare. Mention the word “traffic” to a regular commuter in India to get a taste of just how infuriating it can be to be stuck on a road that should be clear for what can seem like an eternity. However, with a two-wheeler, this problem is usually mitigated for the most part. Weaving through traffic on a two-wheeler is an incredibly satisfying experience, letting the average salaryman beat the rush without having to break any traffic rules in the process.

Ease of financing

Breaking the bank for a four-wheeler is quite a hard decision to make. Several factors need to be taken into account before making this major decision, which can become quite a headache at times. This is not the case with two-wheelers, which tends to have a lower cost and reduced upkeep as well, making it highly affordable and sustainable. Going for a loan in this regard can be quite easy, with most 2 wheeler loans sporting a quick approval process and minor down payments. This system has been made even easier with the advent of digital lenders like Clix Capital, which have streamlined the process of applying for a bike loan by a substantial extent. At Clix, we strive for instant-decisioning. We have partnered with over 100 two-wheeler dealers pan-India, and we give away on-the-spot two wheeler vehicle loan for our customers.

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