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How can self-employed individuals maximize their chances of getting a home loan?

Clix June 25, 2018

Mehek is a 36-year-old freelance designer, and now, she believes it’s time to buy a house. Her income is stable and her career is booming — making her confident of handling the financial responsibilities that come with a home loan.
She has been to several banks to apply for a loan, but has been rejected by them all. Why? Only because they are wary of her self-employed status. Traditional banks and NFBCs consider self-employed individuals like Mehek a risk, believing their jobs and income levels are unstable.
It’s a bias that’s hard to shake — so it’s important for self-employed home loan applicants to strictly follow the application protocol to boost their chances. Firstly, make sure you check off the following eligibility criteria^ in advance:

These are the general eligibility conditions, though they may vary by lenders

  • You should be between 21 and 60 years of age
  • Your annual income should be above Rs.1,50,000
  • You need a minimum of 3 years of work experience in your current field

Next, make sure you collate the required documents — double-check if you’re forgetful! Here’s a list you can refer to:

  • The signed application form with a passport-size photograph
  • All documents for KYC (ID proof, address proof, and age proof)
  • A copy of the Income Tax returns for the past two years (attested by a CA)
  • A copy of the company’s Balance Sheet and the Profit & Loss account, if any (attested by a CA)
  • A brief description of the company on the Business Letterhead, if any
  • A bank statement of the past six months for Savings A/C, Current A/C, and Overdraft A/C
  • A copy of the VAT Registration and/or Shop & Establishment License, along with any other relevant documents, if any
  • A copy of the Partnership Deed, MoA, and AoA, if any
  • A copy of Form 16A and/or any Tax Deduction Certificate
  • The details of one’s contract, if required
  • A copy of Advance Tax Paid and/or any Self-Assessment Tax
  • A copy of one’s Education Qualifications and Certificates
  • A copy of one’s Professional Practice Certificate(s), if any
  • A cheque to pay the fee for processing a home loan

Once you’ve checked your eligibility and got the documents in order, there are a few other things you need to keep in mind

  • Most banks and NBFCs tend to group self-employed individuals under two brackets: Self-Employed Professionals (SEP) and Self-Employed Non-Professionals (SENP). Generally, SEPs like doctors, chartered accountants, and architects — to name a few — are favored thanks to a higher level of confidence in their profession and economic stability
  • It’s important for you to position yourself as responsible and non-risky. A larger down payment, significant savings, and a reliable CIBIL score will go a long way in improving your chances of buying that dream home

The good news is that the advent of new-age, tech-driven lenders has made it much easier for self-employed applicants to get home loans — and Clix is one such lender. Getting a home loan is now easier than ever with our streamlined application process.

So, if you’re a self-employed individual like Mehek, all you need to do is keep your documents ready, check your eligibility, and be mindful of the factors we’ve mentioned. We promise, getting a home loan won’t be all that complicated.

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