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Ready to remodel your home into the perfect abode? We can help you fund your aspiration!

Clix January 10, 2020

If you own a home, chances are that there is something you’d like to change about it. Unfortunately, most home improvements carry a hefty price tag. Though redecoration can help in amping up the look of your house, it can surely dig a hole in your pocket – making it difficult to manage the finances.

This is where home renovation/expansion loans can save the day.

A Home Renovation/Expansion loan is a kind of personal loan that you can readily avail to remodel, renovate or make repairs in your house property. You can make use of this loan to buy furniture, bathroom fittings, or accomplish any other purpose related to renovation.

Wear-and-tear is a common aspect that most permanent assets must deal with, and one’s house is no exception. Over time, it’s evident that your house will require some maintenance and upkeep to prevent any major damages. This is where a home renovation/expansion loan can help you tackle this situation without incurring heavy financial losses.

Of course, aside from the practical aspects of taking this loan, there are several additional aspects one can enjoy by availing this loan from Clix Capital as well.

You can start renovating your home right away.

At Clix Capital, availing a home renovation/expansion loan is as easy as it gets. With a quick online application, approval within minutes, and disbursal of funds within just 24 hours of document verification, you can start working on your house right away!

Flexibility to use

When you take a home renovation/expansion loan, you have the flexibility to use it the way you see fit. Extend the covered area of your home, make a new balcony, add new cabinets or improve your kitchen doors – it’s all up to you!

Minimal documentation

At Clix Capital, we understand that managing the renovation and repairs of your house is a task in itself. So, in order to alleviate your concerns, we ensure that you only need to provide the basic documents to get your loan approved! All we require is a complete application form, a passport-size photograph, your ID proof, address proof, and income proof.

Easy Qualification Criteria

With simple eligibility criteria in place, it is easy for you to qualify for a home renovation personal loan. To qualify for this loan, you must be an Indian, between 25 to 58 years of age, and must be employed.

Whether it is re-tiling the floors, re-painting the house, furnishing, or fixing the plumbing – you can do it all without disrupting your savings with a Home Renovation/Expansion loan from Clix Capital.

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