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Purchase the house of your dreams with a little help from Clix Capital!

Clix March 12, 2020

Whether it be a high-rise apartment, a lavish duplex or a Victorian-esque mansion with incredible architecture – everyone has their own unique notion of a dream home. However, regardless of all these differences, there’s one common requirement that everyone who’s planning to purchase a house needs to adhere to – the need to arrange a substantial source of funding.

Let’s face it – without adequate finances, your ideal home will remain nothing more than a pipe dream. So, how does one make this dream a reality?

After all, at first glance, it seems that there’s little to no options available for a person to achieve this goal. Thankfully, there’s a simple solution that will help you purchase the house you want by opting for a home loan.

One of the biggest reasons why Clix’s home loans are the best financial instrument for you is the numerous ways in which you can utilise these funds. To illustrate this point, here’s a detailed look into the numerous avenues you can invest in with the funds you receive through this home loan.

Purchasing A Home

It goes without saying that the foremost reason why most people choose to opt for a loan in the first place to purchase a house. The problem of lacking funds becomes a thing of the past with our home loan packages of up to Rs. 1 crore.

A Top-Up On Your Existing Home Loan

There are times when the housing loan you’ve opted for isn’t enough to account for the total expenditure incurred on your home. If you find yourself short of the funds required to fulfill your aspirations, then opting for a top-up home loan is the best course of action for you to take. Clix Capital provides you with an avenue to get these much-needed funds and cut no corners when it comes to buying your dream house.

Plot Purchasing & Construction Financing

Sometimes, one’s dream home can be so specific that no pre-constructed home will be enough to satiate one’s desires. This is actually a common occurrence – you’d be hard-pressed to find specific homely elements that you’d want in a residence that has already been constructed.

So, instead of going down the usual route of buying a house, you can choose to purchase a plot of land instead. This will allow you to monitor the construction process directly and personalise your home in the most effective manner possible. With Clix Capital Home Loans, this decision becomes all the more manageable, allowing you to break down this seemingly hefty expense into manageable EMI payments.

Coming back to a place that doesn’t feel like home can dampen your mood substantially. It’s a frustrating situation, especially since going back to your house after spending a long stretch at the office can be the highlight of your day. This is where the concept of home loans comes into play, with Clix Capital enabling the means to help aspiring homeowners turn their dream house into a tangible construct. If your interest has spiked after reading this, click here to take your first step towards your dream home.


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