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Managing Marriage Expenses with a Personal Loan for Wedding

Clix March 10, 2021


Wedding is one of the grandest events in a person’s life. People tend to splurge on them to make them memorable. No matter how big or small an affair you are going to keep, there are some costs that are always involved and need to be addressed. While it’s not easy to anticipate the costs to the T, you can come up with an estimate and apply for a personal loan for wedding to ensure you don’t run out of funds.

Before you decide on a loan amount to apply for your personal loan for marriage, try to get an idea about the types of expenses you will have to make for your wedding. We help out with a few that may be involved below:


Catering: Indian weddings are all about food and drinks. Therefore, compromising on this aspect is out of question. You may use the personal loan amount you get for your wedding to choose the best caterer in town under your budget.

Venue: A wedding venue consumes a major part of your marriage budget. It is important to choose the venue carefully which must give you value for your money. Based on how much your budget, you may choose from a hotel, party plot, or banquet hall as per your budget.

Wedding Jewellery and Outfit: The groom and bride’s outfit and jewellery are usually a focal point at weddings. There are endless choices of colors, looks, fits, and fabrics to choose from. Their price may range from a few thousand to several lakhs, depending on your budget and choice. A personal loan for wedding can give you an ample amount of up to ₹ 25 lakh to spend on your choice of outfit.

Photography: Wedding memories are kept cherished in the form of photographs. Your selection of the photographer can make a huge difference in the reflection of your wedding day.

Decorations: Decoration is one aspect that you can compromise or splurge on, depending on your budget. Ranging from paper and light decorations to floral arrangements, your imagination is the only limit when it comes to decorations.

Miscellaneous: There are miscellaneous expenses you have to make for a wedding, such as printing the invitation cards, arranging gifts for the guests, accommodating guests, transport, etc. Don’t forget to factor these in while calculating the loan amount for your wedding.

Know More About a Personal Loan for Wedding

A personal loan for wedding can be a sensible option if you want to meet all the above expenses comfortably without any compromise due to lack of finances or completely using up your savings. A major benefit of taking this loan is that it gives you an option to fund your wedding expenses without affecting your savings. A personal loan relieves you from these expenses so that the couple can settle down post-wedding without any financial crunch.

Here are a few things you need to know before you apply for a personal loan for wedding with Clix Capital:

    • You must be a salaried person with a monthly salary of over ₹ 25,000.
    • You will need to get a few documents verified online, including the online loan application form, your recent passport size photograph, identity proof, address proof, and income proof like your last month’s payslip or current year’s Form 16.
    • You should be between 25 to 58 years of age to apply for the loan.
    • You must have a credit score of at least 750.
    • You must be working with your current employer for at least 6 months and must have a total work experience of at least 12 months.

Reasons to Take a Personal Loan for Wedding

Here are a few reasons why you must consider taking a personal loan for wedding:

    • It allows you to keep all your wedding expenses in one account.
    • You get ₹ 25 lakh of loan amount, which you can repay with flexible repayment options.
    • You get a fixed loan amount, which you can allocate to different marriage-related expenses accordingly.
    • Personal loans are collateral-free loans, for which you do not need any security or guarantor.
    • With online application and approval procedure, you can get your loan approved in as little as 15 minutes*.

Personal loans for wedding are easy to avail, depending on your creditworthiness. You can use your loan amount the way you want. You may also take a loan to increase your financial bandwidth. In case an unexpected expense comes up, your loan amount can provide you the solution to deal with it.

At Clix Capital, you can apply for a personal loan for wedding for up to ₹ 25 lakh, depending on your needs and eligibility. Our low-interest loans are quick to disburse and the loan application and approval process are quite smooth and transparent. The best thing is that you can repay it at your convenience in 12 to 48 months of time.

So, if you are planning for a wedding, Clix Capital can be your financial friend in times of need. Just click on the Apply Now button and you are straight on your way to getting your loan approval, provided that you meet our eligibility criteria and give us the required details.

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