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Is an education loan feasible for higher studies?

Clix December 16, 2019

It’s a fairly common sentiment that a parent would spare no expense in letting their child attain the highest level of education possible. After all, the growing importance and need for higher education is well known. No parent would want to leave any stone unturned in fulfilling their child’s dream, and higher studies play a major role in helping aspirants achieve the same.

However, this sentiment might not be all that applicable in real life. While most government colleges might be affordable, private institutes are a completely different tale altogether. Such colleges generally charge boatloads for a child’s education, which gets even costlier if you’re thinking of sending your child abroad for higher studies.

To put this statement into context, the cost of medical education in India is four times higher in private institutes than public ones at 20 lakhs. This figure reaches up to 1 crore for institutes abroad.

At a glance, this might entail that people need to compromise on their child’s education prospects. However, there’s a better solution available for people who are facing this financial crunch in the form of education loan or personal loan for education.

While you might understandably be wary of taking any form of personal loan, rest assured that funds for education are the perfect package to bolster your child’s learning. We provide you with the following benefits upon taking this education loan:

Flexible provision of funds for the education

Our loans are multi-faceted and cover a wide array of educational requirements. It doesn’t matter what aspect of the educational process you wish to fund – with loans that range between Rs. 1 to 25 lakhs, we ensure that your child attains the best and most relevant form of education possible.

Convenient loan payment structure

Every individual has their repayment capacity, and it is important to take this into account when deciding upon taking financial support. Clix Capital provide flexible EMI schemes for the education loans, ranging from 12-48 months. This allows you to choose a tenure that will either allow you to pay back your debts as soon as possible or aid you with manageable EMI payments that can be accounted for in the long run.

Swift loan approvals

You can easily plan out your child’s foreign education without having to take financing delays into account. So, don’t stress out if you form a course of action at the last minute– our instant loans are approved in less than 24 hours, with disbursals occurring at the drop of a hat!

Locking down a good higher learning prospect – more often than not – mandates the need for some extensive funding. This is where the education loan benefits comes into play, with Clix Capital providing flexible amount on loan for education, personalised loan tenures, and swift loan approvals. You’re just a click away from helping fulfil your child’s ambitions!

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