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5 Ways to Add Value to Your Property Using a Personal Loan for Home Renovation

Clix May 1, 2021


Have you been planning to renovate your Home for long time but are still uncertain? You are not alone. Every year, people spend huge amounts of money on getting their home renovated, installing new tiles and faucets in the bathroom, extending the balcony, or adding an extra bedroom. Do you feel that those renovations are still out of your budget? It’s time to change your mind.




Home renovations are pricey, but when completed, can add value to your property. In fact, when you renovate your house, you invest in your future and make a profit in the long run. If done right, it can add significant value to your property when you decide to resell it. So, take a personal loan for home renovation now and get your house renovated to maximize its resale value.

However, don’t just start hammering down the walls yet. Instead, ask these questions first:

    1. Which renovations can add most of the value to your property?
    2. Which renovations will be suitable for your property and which are most demanded in the real estate market?
    3. What is the current value of your property?
    4. What is the cost of renovations you are planning to get done?
    5. How would you pay for them?

Need inspiration on how you can add value to your property with a home renovation? Use some of these ideas for home improvement:

Add a Room

Adding a room to your house is a sure way to generate the highest ROI. For every rupee you spend, you may expect to get double the profit. Besides that, you will also open up your property to a wider range of customers, such as growing families that require extra space for their needs. However, adding a room is costly and this is where a personal loan for home renovation can help.

Give a Modern Twist to Your Existing Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of your home where you cook, eat, and even spend some family time. It is the space where your family sneaks for a snack, cookie, or meal. So, the kitchen can increase or decrease the value of your property. These days, prospective home buyers often look for modern kitchens with features like modular design, electric chimney, in-built gas hob, etc.

If you have plans to resell your house at a good price, then give attention to your kitchen renovation. Update your cupboards and cabinets, install energy-efficient appliances, and make enhance your kitchen. Home buyers will be happy to pay more for a house with a fully equipped kitchen.

Add a Bathroom or Renovate an Existing One

Adding an extra bathroom can significantly add to your property’s resale value. However, if adding a bathroom is not possible, update an existing one by replacing the old cabinets, installing new faucets and taps, or getting new tiles for the walls or flooring. These are expensive projects that you can cover with a personal loan for home renovation.

Repurpose Your Garage

Garages often lie at the bottom of the list when one thinks about renovating the house and getting a return on investment. However, if your house is situated in an inner-city area, then adding a garage can be beneficial because parking spaces are limited. If you already have a garage in your house, you can repurpose it to maximize the storage space you can build in there.

You may consider adding a mezzanine storage space in your garage that the home buyers can perceive as a good way to store things. You may also consider repurposing your garage by turning the extra space into a home office, sleep-out space, hobby workspace, or any other space as per your requirement.

Invest in Insulation

You will be surprised to know that many Indian homes do not have insulation. Even if your house has it, ensure that it has not become inadequate due to deterioration or thinness over time. Insulation not only increases your property’s value but also an effective way to cut down utility bills and save money. So, a home buyer will happily pay more for a house with proper insulation.

Apart from that, you may also increase the energy efficiency of your house by sealing up small cracks and holes in your house’s structure, properly fitting doors and windows, installing self-closing doors and windows, and other such steps.

Now that you have heard our ideas for home renovation, stop worrying about the cost. Sit back and relax and apply for a personal loan for home renovation from Clix Capital. We offer personal loans of up to ₹ 25 lakhs that you can repay in 12 to 48 months. Take advantage of our easy application and fast approval process to renovate your home the way you want!

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