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Expand your medical practice with a Healthcare Equipment Loan from Clix

Clix December 30, 2019

A self-sufficient medical practice is a challenging yet admirable endeavour that most medical professionals embark on at some point in their lives. The scale of these operations might differ – some people might start their own clinic while others strive to be in charge of a multi-purpose polyclinic. However, there’s one universal requirement present across these practices regardless of their scale – the need to purchase the best-in-class healthcare equipment to deliver the highest quality of medical services.

However, accomplishing this task is a challenge in itself. After all, it’s simple to state this requirement, but it’s a whole another thing to go forth with the process of purchasing the latest healthcare equipment. To illustrate this point, take a look at the fact that a high-end dental chair – something that seems banal in comparison to other forms of medical equipment – costs more than Rs. 7 lakhs. This, coupled with the various types of equipment required in a dental practice, implies that the cost of a fully-fledged dental clinic can cost upwards of half a crore.

It doesn’t take a financial expert to state that most people don’t exactly have such funds with them to spend at a moment’s notice. However, with Clix Capital’s healthcare equipment loan, your pains of arranging this financing will ebb away in a moment’s notice. Our loan features the following benefits to help you expand your medical practice with little to no worries:

We enable financing for both loans and leases

It doesn’t matter whether you wish to purchase healthcare equipment permanently or take it on a lease – our loans are flexible enough to account for both requirements. We provide a complete 100% financing for leasing and up to 90% financing for purchasing healthcare equipment.

We offer customisable repayment plans

When it comes to choosing the best course of action that can be taken to repay the loan amount, rest assured that Clix puts the ball in your court. We provide a loan tenure that can range from a measly 12 months all the way to 60+ months. This allows you to opt for a flexible EMI plan that either lets you pay the borrowed amount as soon as possible or space out the payments over the course of a few years to properly manage your expenses.

We provide bundled offerings

One might assume that there’s a ton of paperwork, logistical issues, and other such problems that come with the act of purchasing a healthcare equipment loan. While this might be an unavoidable hurdle, Clix makes the act of managing these actions easier for you. We will help set up your clinic with little to no hassles.

The benefits mentioned above make it clear that Clix Capital’s healthcare equipment loan is the best course of action to expand your medical clinic. With this financial instrument, you can attain high-end equipment to deliver the best experience possible to your patients.

Click here to let Clix Capital guide you through the process of availing a healthcare equipment loan.


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