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Ask Yourself These 4 Questions Before Taking a Personal Loan to Study Broad

Clix September 20, 2021



Everyone aspires to get the best education in an international university. Whether you are a self-employed professional, salaried employee, student, or a housewife, you can now fund your education with a personal loan for education. This is a higher education loan that you can avail to fund your education in the university of your choice irrespective of the geographical boundaries. Considering the increasing cost of education these days, many lenders now offer easy personal loans to study abroad. These are unsecured loans that you can avail of without collateral, security, or guarantor and repay in easy EMIs with flexible repayment terms.

A higher education loan is an excellent option to finance your education. However, ask yourself these four questions before filling out your loan application form.

1.    Will This Course Benefit Your Career?

Taking a loan to fund your education is a crucial step that you must take with a wise decision. Whether you are a working professional or a student, ensure that the course you are funding with the loan will benefit your career in one way or the other. These benefits must translate to a better job position, increased earning, or added incentives. Some people may pursue a course to encourage a hobby, but you should fund it from your extra money, not from a loan. The loan is an amount that you have to repay, and if the course is not going to benefit your career, it is not worth funding with a loan.

While looking for a course for higher education, consider what benefits you will get in your career. Focus on the courses that can give you good potential, such as those in the field of technology, mathematics, commerce, science, or engineering. These courses can add stars to your qualification, with which you can prosper in your career.

2.    How Much Loan Amount You Require?

Taking up a course just because you are eligible to get a high loan amount is a big no. You will find many lenders offering high amounts of easy personal loans to study abroad. Lenders determine your creditworthiness based on your credit score and other eligibility conditions. If you fulfil their criteria, they may agree to offer you a high loan amount. However, that does not imply you should accept the loan offer they present to you. You must evaluate your needs and calculate the costs related to the course before applying for a personal loan for education.

You can use your loan amount to cover all the expenses related to your foreign education, including visa, travel, accommodation, admission fee, tuition fee, meals, and other charges. Calculate all of them and apply for a loan amount that you actually require. Remember, the higher the loan amount you apply for, the higher the interest you will need to pay along with the principal amount. Therefore, be careful while applying for a loan, even if you are eligible for a higher amount.

3.    ​Do You Have a Plan to Repay Your Loan EMIs?

Taking a loan has become extremely easy these days. You will find hundreds of lenders offering easy personal loans to study abroad with competitive terms and conditions. For instance, when you approach Clix Capital to apply for a personal loan, you can get a loan of up to  ₹ 25 lakhs if you are eligible. However, it turns into a challenge when the time comes to pay its EMIs.

The key is to have your repayment plan ready even before applying for a loan. One beneficial thing about personal loans is that they come with flexible repayment terms, allowing you to choose your repayment tenure according to your budget and repayment capacity. You can use a personal loan EMI calculator to calculate your EMI amount and select a loan term with EMIs you can easily afford.

To plan for your EMI payments, the most crucial step is making a budget and controlling your expenses to increase your disposable income. Always pay your EMIs on time, as letting them pile up can drag you into a debt trap. Choose your loan amount wisely, select your repayment tenure with EMIs according to your repayment capacity, and try to increase your income by taking up a part-time job or freelance work. All these steps can make the loan repayment easier and faster than you ever thought.

4.    Are You Choosing the Right Lender?

When you start looking for a higher education loan, you will find hundreds of lenders claiming to be better than the others. You need to find the best lender most suitable for your financial requirements and expectations. The interest rate is one of the first things that borrowers look for while comparing personal loans. However, there are several other factors that you must consider, including the loan amount, repayment terms, eligibility conditions, documentation requirements, customer service, fees and charges, application procedure, approval speed, and others.

Compare the lenders based on all the factors mentioned above and finalise one that gives you an ample loan amount at the least interest rate. Since you may need their help from time to time before or during your loan tenure, ensure that their customer care centre is easy to access and available for your help when you want.

These are four crucial questions you must ask yourself before taking a personal loan to study abroad. If you are looking for the best lender to get a higher education loan, apply for one at Clix Capital. We offer personal loans of up to  ₹ 25 lakhs with 12 to 48 months of repayment terms. You can use our online application process to apply from your home, and if everything goes smoothly, you may get your loan approval within 15 minutes*. So, wait no longer. Apply for an instant personal loan online now and fund your higher education in the institute of your choice.

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